Workers Compensation

Safeguard Your Business and Employees with Workers Compensation

You pride yourself on operating a safe, secure work environment where your employees can perform to the best of their ability while helping your business grow. Even in the most ideal circumstances, the reality is that accidents and illness still happen. A slip and fall at a restaurant resulting in broken bones, an equipment malfunction at a construction site causing eye injury—it could be any number of things.  Upon the unexpected, it’s essential that your employees’ medical needs are quickly addressed so they can return to work as fast as possible. And that’s exactly what Farmers can help you do. Let Aaron Reetz create a tailored, multi-covered solution, including Workers Compensation Insurance that meets the specific needs of your business.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Rely on experts who know workplace injury

Don’t go at it alone or risk legal non-compliance and/or a lawsuit. Farmers Workers’ Compensation Insurance can quickly and efficiently deliver benefits at a fair cost for work-related injuries and illnesses sustained by you and your employees.
When Farmers receives a Workers’ Compensation claim, an experienced representative is committed to achieving same-day contact with those involved—the injured/ill employee, employer, medical provider and insurance agent. This ensures that benefits begin as soon as possible and that questionable claims are investigated early in the process.

Throughout the life of any Workers’ Compensation claim, Farmers is there for you to help minimize the risk of loss and its impact on your business, every step of the way.

Reduce costs, injuries and losses

Farmers is constantly working to reduce rising Workers’ Compensation costs, and its complete medical and disability management program can do just that for your unique business. Offering managed care, education and other customized services to help control your Workers’ Compensation premiums, this program includes:

  • An extensive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network of clinics, physicians and hospitals committed to excellent treatment as well as managing costs.
  • Expert review of treatment plans, need for hospital admissions, billing accuracy and potential fraud.
  • Early Return-to-Work Programs bringing employees back on the job as soon as possible, saving you money in temporary disability payments and retraining costs.
  • Provision of educational materials designed to educate employees on Workers’ Compensation safety programs.
  • Farmers Claim Services offers 24/7 online claim filing to ensure that businesses operating around-the-clock don’t lose valuable time between filing a claim and the resolution.

Farmers also offers a valuable addition to its Workers’ Compensation coverage in the form of Loss Control Services. These services help your employees by identifying workplace hazards, such as a faulty electrical wire in the kitchen, providing a safe environment for employees. The safety and loss prevention materials include tips on how to reduce slip and fall accidents in restaurants, ladder safety tips and how to prevent back injuries.
To learn more about how these offerings can benefit your unique business, contact us.